Evening Danube River Cruise with a Romantic Dinner

Enhance your Budapest experience by embarking on a captivating evening cruise featuring live music entertainment and a delectable Hungarian dinner on the beautiful Danube River. Indulge in all the essential experiences aboard the exceptional Gróf Széchényi ship.

63.78 US$

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Basic information

Included in the price:

  • Traditional Hungarian menu (self-service, buffet style)
  • 1 welcome drink (sparkling wine or a soft drink)
  • 1 glass of beer, wine, mineral water, or a soft drink (with dinner option)
  • Live Hungarian folk music entertainment (with dinner option)
  • 1 soft drink and 1 warm drink (with brunch option)
  • Danube cruise aboard the Gróf Széchényi
  • Gratuities

Free cancellation: Cancel up to 24 hours in advance for a full refund

Reserve now & pay later: Keep your travel plans flexible — book your spot and pay nothing today.

Duration 2 hours: Check availability to see starting times.

Host or greeter: English

Budapest Danube Cruise with Hungarian Dinner and Live Music

Experience the enchanting city of Budapest in a unique way by embarking on a Danube River cruise that combines live music, traditional Hungarian dinner, and mesmerizing sights. Step aboard the magnificent Gróf Széchényi ship, adorned with elegant wooden interiors and designer carpets, setting the perfect stage for your unforgettable journey.

As you sail along the Danube, be captivated by the illuminated landmarks that grace the Budapest skyline. The Parliament, Chain Bridge, Buda Castle, and Citadel stand out in their night-time glory as you relax on the deck. The cruise offers a buffet dinner featuring an array of Hungarian delights, allowing you to savor the rich flavors of the region.

Enhancing the experience is the live music performed by the renowned Rajkó Folk Orchestra. Delight in their melodies as you dine, and feel free to make requests to personalize the ambiance for your group. This orchestra adds a touch of local and international musical favorites to the evening.

The buffet dinner includes iconic Hungarian dishes such as:

  • Alföld style Goulash soup
  • Traditional beef paprikash with homemade dumplings
  • Hungarian strudel variations for dessert

Complementing the meal is a welcome drink, along with options for beer, wine, mineral water, or a soft drink. Whether it's a romantic evening or a celebration with friends, the Budapest Danube Cruise promises an enchanting experience that brings together captivating views, delightful Hungarian cuisine, and the magical melodies of the Rajkó Folk Orchestra.

Don't miss the chance to create cherished memories aboard the Gróf Széchényi ship. Book your spot now and get ready to immerse yourself in the beauty and culture of Budapest from the heart of the Danube River.


  • Danube cruise on the Gróf Széchényi ship
  • Traditional Hungarian buffet dinner
  • Welcome drink (sparkling wine or soft drink)
  • Live Hungarian folk music entertainment
  • Choice of beer, wine, mineral water, or soft drink

Meeting Point: Look for the Gróf Széchényi boat at Akadémia dock 3.

Important Information: The cruise departs at 7:30 PM from September 1st. Boarding starts at 6:30 PM, and the buffet dinner opens at 7:00 PM.

Customer Reviews:

With an overall rating of 4.1/5 based on 929 reviews, this cruise has delighted travelers with its charming atmosphere, delightful food, and talented musicians. Guests have praised the enchanting entertainment, although some wished for more dinner menu options.

Announcement during a Romantic Dinner - How to Prepare?

Planning to make a significant announcement during a romantic dinner? Whether it's a proposal, a special announcement, or a heartfelt declaration, choosing the right setting and approach can make the moment truly unforgettable. Here's a comprehensive guide on how to prepare for such an occasion:

1. Choose the Right Setting

The setting plays a crucial role in creating a romantic atmosphere. Opt for a cozy and intimate location – it could be at home, a favorite restaurant, or a scenic outdoor spot. Consider the ambiance, lighting, and overall vibe of the place.

2. Plan the Menu Thoughtfully

Food can evoke emotions, so plan a menu that both you and your partner enjoy. Include dishes that hold sentimental value or are considered special. A well-thought-out menu adds to the overall experience and sets the stage for your announcement.

3. Create the Right Atmosphere

Set the mood with soft lighting, perhaps using candles or fairy lights. Play romantic background music that resonates with your relationship. This will help create a comfortable and intimate environment for your announcement.

4. Practice Your Words

What you say is of utmost importance. Practice the words you want to express during the announcement. Be sincere, honest, and true to your feelings. Keep it concise but meaningful.

5. Incorporate Personal Touches

Add personal elements to the evening. This could include revisiting fond memories, sharing inside jokes, or recounting milestones you've achieved together. These touches will make the moment even more special and unique to your relationship.

6. Timing is Everything

Choose the right moment within the dinner to make your announcement. It could be before the main course or during dessert – a moment that feels natural and comfortable for both of you.

7. Capture the Moment

Consider having a camera ready to capture your partner's reaction. A photograph or a video of the moment will be a cherished keepsake for years to come.

8. Be Prepared for the Response

While you might have an idea of how your partner will react, be open to any response. It's a vulnerable moment, and emotions can be unpredictable. Regardless of the reaction, cherish the honesty and love in that moment.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1: Should I inform my partner about the special dinner in advance?

A1: It depends on your partner's preferences. Some might appreciate the surprise, while others might prefer a heads-up to dress appropriately or clear their schedule.

Q2: How can I make the announcement unique?

A2: Personalize the announcement by incorporating shared memories, inside jokes, or references to your journey together. This will make the moment special and unique to your relationship.

Q3: What if I'm nervous about making the announcement?

A3: It's natural to feel nervous. Practice what you want to say, take deep breaths, and remind yourself of the love you share. Focus on the joy of the moment rather than the nervousness.

Q4: What if the announcement doesn't go as planned?

A4: Be adaptable. Sometimes, unexpected outcomes add a touch of authenticity to the moment. Embrace the genuine emotions and continue to cherish the experience.

Q5: Should I hire a photographer or videographer?

A5: It's a personal choice. Having a photographer or videographer can capture the moment beautifully, but it's equally special to experience the moment without any distractions.

Basic information

929 reviews

Wonderful! The food and music were both excellent. We highly recommend it.

traveler – United Kingdom

It was a fantastic, relaxing, and enjoyable evening. More food options would have been better, but the entertainment was good.

traveler – United Kingdom

We had a very pleasant time, and it was great value for the money.

Shawna – United States

Very pleasant experience! The food was great, even though the options were limited. Everything was tasty.

Stan – Israel

I really loved this cruise! The entire staff was friendly and welcoming. The musicians were fantastic and visited every table to take song requests. The food was delicious. I highly recommend taking this trip!

traveler – United Kingdom